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The Rough Patch

After the first trade fair, there was a time when our team was put through a test. As many other module submissions were piling up, the motivation for the company started going down. When I got to know that we will not be able to manufacture the product, I was pretty frustrated. We had given so much time to developing salad shaker, it felt wrong to pivot the product again.

I felt kind of demotivated. There was no good communication within the team and everyone was concentrating more on their other modules.  Because of this, there was much delay and also no alignment of goals. Everyone was thinking to just go through the design thinking module with its formal requirements. There was a lack of motivation.

Motivation in the workplace is essential if a team wants to be more productive. Every manager knows that, but still, they get it wrong.

According to a report by Gallup, in the UK

  1. 34% of employees believe that they have a good job.

  2. Only 6% of employees believe that they have a great job.

This means that 66% of people are not happy with the jobs that they have. The major problem found out was the lack of motivation.

‘Poor communication in the workplace, due to personal reasons or a lack of sufficient technology, will inevitably lead to unmotivated, ill-informed staff that may begin to question confidence in their abilities and eventually the organization as a whole.’ (M Page)

The same was happening in our case. Although things started to pick up. We formed a formal communication strategy, where we met each week and noted things on an excel sheet. Things like what did we do last week, what things are needed to be done this and who is responsible for doing those things. Once we did that, collaboration and communication greatly improved. With that, I think we saw how we are moving forward again. We decided on the final product. We ordered it and designed it. The product got delivered to us on time. We were ready to sell that in the market.

This all raised our confidence and also motivated us to work our best for design thinking. Maybe this is the reason we were able to sell so much stuff in the second trade fair. Every company or team goes through rough patches but we should do something about it, rather than just sitting around and waiting for things to happen. This is what makes a great team.


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