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The Final Solution

After researching and taking out some insights into the customers, the next step was to make construct a solution that satisfies the brief. This solution should revolve around the latest technology. The technology I chose to work upon was a smartwatch as I mentioned in my earlier blog. Sp the challenge was how can I make smartwatch be an innovative and indispensable part of life.

From my research, I knew that HNWI needs information about their finances and a convenient way to contact their wealth manager anytime. So the watch needs a comprehensive banking app, which fulfills most of users demand. For this, I read Coutts strategy for 2020 and put the functions they are focusing on in the watch application.

1. Investment

2. Strategy

3. Philanthropy

4. Advice


Now to always contact the bank manager, I designed a dedicated button on the watch, after which Private wealth manager will contact the client. Through this, the client only needs to press the button to get in touch with the manager.

Now to make the watch more advanced and an all time companion, it also has some application to suit clients need like

Bentley on call- Client can order a Bentley and a Chauffeur to any city and travel in style

Heli on call- Client can call a helicopter if he wants to get somewhere in a hurry.

Fitness and health- As for most of the millennials, health and fitness is a major concern, the watch comes with a Best fitness application on a watch with ECG, body monitoring and heart monitoring at all times.

I felt that the watch wasn’t enough. The solution needs more than that. It is practical and gives all the features a client will be needing, but it doesn’t glamourize Coutts. It is not enough to attract the new generation of wealthy millennials. As my research suggested that, millennials prefer experiences over anything, and searching the latest developments in AI, I stumbled upon Velocity Black.

It is a digital members club, which aims to provide out of the world experiences for its users. For example dining in the pyramids, swimming with orca whales and many more. It provides experiences which are very rare and instagrammable. This is the reason that they are one of the most funded companies of 2018 and also have a long waiting list.

I wanted to give something like this for Coutts Customers. It can satisfy their leisure and adventure needs. So instead of giving just a smartwatch as a solution, I created a service called Coutts Privee. Coutts Privee comes with the smartwatch and also access to Coutts Privee application which is based on the concept of Velocity Black. Privee application works both on smartwatch and mobile, and the Client is guaranteed a response in 0 seconds.

This solution combines all the research insights and satisfies all the things, Coutts was asking for. I am happy with the whole solution, although I could have done better but you could always do better.