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Techniques of design thinking

Coming to the techniques of design thinking, there were two that were very helpful in developing the product. Brainstorming and Bodystorming.

Brainstorming is quite a common word and means to think of new ideas as a group. It was an essential tool in design thinking startup when we were thinking about new ideas for our products/services.  Everyone does it while working or designing something. Coming from a design background, it was quite common practice for me. My group followed an easy way to brainstorm ideas- We sat at my home in a comfortable place while drinking some wine. We laid out the problem we have to solve. then we laid out the final objective that we have to achieve.  We started developing the ideas individually. When we had everything in front of us we came together and worked as a group.

Now coming to the bodystorming, this was a new term for me. I had not heard it in my life till then. To understand this, we were given a task to do. We have to figure out what problems does a wheelchair user experience in the Kingston business school building. To do this, one person from the group was supposed to roam around using roller chairs as wheelchairs. The rest of the people in the group were required to follow him, observe him and note down the problems he is having. In the end, we also have to interview the wheelchair user, and found out what problems he/she had. There were many problems we found out this way like the building is very confusing to roam around, the doors are very heavy if a wheelchair user opens them, there is nothing to hold them from shutting close, the tapping of the card to enter the room is too high and it also closes within 5 seconds and the height if the table in the classroom, is not good for any wheelchair user.

In the starting, it was quite funny, when Vivien(acting as wheelchair user) was trying to open the doors and was unsuccessful many times. Along the way, I learned how bodystorming is so helpful in finding out the problems that a person can have, which we cannot think of while sitting at our desks.