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Selecting a brief

It is the start of the second term in Managing in the creative economy. We were introduced to a new module ‘Experiencing the creative industries’ in the first week. This module is about professional placement and experience. It is based on ‘D&AD New blood awards’.

We have to pick a live project out of many briefs and work on it. When Janja was introducing us to D&AD awards, I was thinking that this will be a great opportunity for me, to add a substantial branding and advertising project on my portfolio. I want to work in this field in the future, and this is a great way to kickstart it. She showed us many examples of the people who won, and some examples from Mace Alumni. I really liked ‘Bolo-Banking for the illiterate’ and also ‘Made by Refugee’. Every example was very good, and that kind of worried me as I don’t know much about video editing and other softwares, How can I match quality shown in the examples?. It got me thinking of how will I manage to learn new skills and also cope up with the other modules and deadlines.

In the afternoon, we went through the briefs one by one. I really liked the one by Adnams brewery, Ladbible, and Coutts. I shortlisted these three out of them all. After this, we had to make our Personal Development Plan. After seeing examples of award winners and reading some of the briefs, I put down Videography, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects as the things I want to learn. I will be learning them using lynda.com and other Youtube tutorials. They can also be useful in design thinking module as we have to create a Advert for our product also. hopefully I will be able to take out time, from other work and learn them. I set up a deadline of 31st January for them.

After much consideration, I removed Adnams brewery from my shortlisted briefs and started research for Ladbible and Coutts. One more advantage with these two was that both offered some extra prize with their brief. I found lad bible to be sensationalizing everything. I followed their facebook page. There were very meaningful topics that they raised and spread awareness about. But there was no consistency, they used some pretty lame posts and news just to get clicks and likes on their post. Apart from that one more advantage both the briefs had was access to Adobe creative cloud. Ladbible brief was an open brief also, which I wanted to avoid. I work well when there are constraints involved.

So, in the end, I decided to go with ‘Coutts’. As the problem they are having of coping up with the younger generation is the one which is experienced by many businesses like BBC. It also is an area for which I have never worked (UI  and UX design). So I thought, even If I don’t create a very good Idea for them, at least I would learn something new while working on the brief.