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Pivot, Pivot, PIVOT!!!

After the successful first trade fair, we were very happy and looking forward to getting our product in the manufacturing stage. We had already received 7 preorders so we needed to move fast. We made the final drawings and contacted the manufacturer in China. But we were faced with a hurdle. Our product could not be made in such a short time. Firstly the molding was not possible to make in one month alone. Secondly, making the product out of Bamboo Fibre was going to take another month or so minimum.

We were worried and confused thinking about the preorders we have taken and also what are we going to sell in the second trade fair. We needed something that goes hand to hand with our brand design and aim. It was time to Pivot.

But first, we contacted the people, from whom we took preorders from and apologized to them that we will not be able to deliver the specified products. As most of them were people we knew personally, they had no issues with it. After that, we as a team brainstormed and figured out what can we sell at the second trade fair. after much discussion, we came up with the idea of a Shakesy health kit.  The salad shaker was possible to be produced in plastic, so we decided just to test the concept we will sell the plastic ones.

Recipe book- It contained some cool salad recipes and also a barcode link to our Instagram page, where we update new recipes. We made some cool recipes like Thai Papaya Salad and more

Postcards- We designed some quirky postcards that will add some fun element to the health routine.

Health journal- We also provided a health journal in our set where our customer can record his diet, calories of each vegetable, his own recipes and meal times.

So that’s how we pivoted our product. Although we faced setbacks throughout our journey we were able to get over the hurdle every time because we worked as a team.