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First Trade Fair

First trade fair for our product happened on the 24th of January in the business school atrium. We had to showcase our MVP or prototype of the product and get it out in the market. As our product was not ready till that time, we decided to show our prototype and get feedback on it.

For our trade stand, we did many preparations. We got a big banner printed out so that people who are entering the business area notice it immediately, and it worked also. We created a small demo video showing some features of the product and what problem does it solve. More than that we created some visuals showing recipes, vegetables and our Instagram bar code and business cards. All were displayed on a standing metal rail.

We were happy at how our stand appeared to the visitors. Many people came to the stand to know about what is our product about and how does it work. We received some good feedback on how it can be made better and also some great advice on our sales pitch. There were three judges who were going around the exhibition and judging the teams for the category of ‘Best Sales’ Best Stand’ and ‘Best Product’. We came 3rd in the category of best sales stand.

The most amazing part was that we received seven preorders for our product and also the payment for it. These people were some of the friends of cofounders of our team. We were the only team to get some preorders(payment).

Things which we learned and could improve

In the design thinking class, we were given feedback by Janja on our performance in the trade fair. She rightly pointed out that there were some design mistakes in the banner, and now as we have already paid for it we will be not able to change it.

She liked our video but it should have been in a loop so that we just don’t press play button every time someone comes to the stand.

Many judges liked the idea of our product, but in the prototype also we should have shown storage container for the dressing. Also, our expense could have easily been reduced, if we had taken some smart steps. We spent £150 approximately at the trade fair.

Janja also said that we ‘sold air to the consumers’ as we didn’t have product ready and still we charged for it.

So that was our first trade fair, there were many things we learned but overall I was really happy and proud of the work me and my team did.