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Final Dragon’s Den

The end of the module required us to present our business idea and journey to the judges(Dragon’s) just like the first dragon’s den. To help us there was also a mock dragon’s den just a week before the final one. Some of the judges were familiar faces, but some of them were new.

To prepare for our business pitch, we first mapped out our journey in the last 6 months. As we had pivoted quite a lot, and we needed to tell the judges about the hiccups and the lessons learned, we had quite a lot to tell. But the time we had to pitch was only 5 minutes. It was quite hard for us to get everything we have learned in those 5 minutes. From Trusteam mug to Shakesy salad shaker to Shakesy Health Starter Kit, we had to be on point and also make sure that the pitch flows. We prepared a pitch, with the help of our business report and also some guidance from the marking criteria. We decided that we will pitch Shakesy Health Starter Kit as our primary product and just talk briefly about the other things. We decided this due to the fact that we sold Shakesy Health Starter kit in the market.

We created a pitch and we practiced again and again.  In the mock dragon’s den, we received quite a feedback. Judges were interested in our product but they were not happy that we are pitching Shakesy health Starter Kit instead of Bamboo Fibre made Salad Shaker. They advised us to pitch that as that was our primary idea, and it solves a market need. They found it better than the health kit. We also received feedback that we should have not used the powerpoint presentation at all. Another great advice they gave us was that we should bring a mobile application for our product.  To sum it up the changes we had to make for our final pitch was:-

Make Bamboo fiber made salad shaker our final product

Use the presentation well

Talk more about the future and don’t use the word disposable in the pitch

Give more information about finances.

We noted everything down and made changes for our final pitch. We practiced a lot in front of an empty classroom using the projector. We were ready for the final one.

The final pitch was much better than the mock one. Judges liked the product and design. They also liked our presentation. Their advice was to pitch a product as a refreshing and sexy product. ‘Make the salad look sexy’ was remarks from one of the judges.

Overall it went pretty good and we were happy about it in the end.