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Bright Ideas Final

When we were having our first trade fair, we got an opportunity to pitch our idea for Bright Ideas Final. KU enterprise gave us a chance to pitch our Trusteam idea in front of Dwayne to stand a chance to get into finals. At that time we thought that two people can go to pitch the idea and other two can represent us in the trade fair. As we were busy in preparation of the trade fair, we couldn’t prepare and practice a lot for the pitch.

We did the same pitch as our first dragon’s den. Dwayne quite liked the idea and also appreciated that we have made the prototype and test our assumptions. Luckily two days later, we got the mail that we have been invited for the finals. We were all very happy and shocked as we didn’t expect it.

Preparing for the finals.

We made a new script. We went through the feedback Dwain had given us and focused on how we can improve our pitch and make it to the point. We rehearsed it, again and again, practiced in front of our friends to increase our confidence. I was nervous while entering the room but after 10-20 seconds, I calmed down and began to feel confident. I think this happened because we had pitched this product three times before this, and we believed in our idea. In our minds, we were aware of what problems it solved and how it can add value to the customer.

Judges really liked our idea, they gave very positive feedback. We felt really proud when one judge said that he will definitely buy this product if it is available. Others asked some tough question, but we answered everything very well. We were very happy and satisfied after coming out of the room.

Then the time came for networking. My teammates had to leave as they had some other commitments. I did networked with some people. But the best moment was when one of the judges gave me a golden ticket out of nowhere and said he would love to see our products made real. I realized that we have a chance of winning something here.

and the WINNER is…..

The time came to announce the awards category wise. When health and wellbeing category came, I thought that ‘maybe we have a chance’ and when the judge announced our name for the Runners-up award I was astonished. I alone went to collect the prize and get the photograph taken. I really missed my teammates at that moment as we all would have been able to share the joy. I told them in the online group after that and we congratulated each other. It was indeed one of the proudest moments of my life. We were the only ones from design thinking groups to win something.