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Ambitions we had

Our ambition was to give people an easy way to follow their healthy diet. We made Shakesy health kit so that people who don’t have time to cook healthy food or to invest time in physical activities, can maintain their fitness easily. Our goals as a company were:-

  1. Make the branding so that people relate us to a health-focused brand.

  2. Add value to the kit by providing quirky products like postcards.

  3. Sell 50 units by the end of March.

  4. Having great customer relations and after sale service

  5. Have a social media presence and promote healthy food.


We focused on the branding of our company and the product from the starting. In December, we started creating recipes for our product and how it works. Judges in the first Dragon’s Den really liked our poster and overall look of the brand.

After that, we pivoted our product, but we kept our branding the same because of the feedback. It proved fruitful in the later stages, as our stand in the trade fair was also attractive and our brand identity was spot according to our brand mantra ‘Healthy Quickly Shakesy’

Value addition

While coming with the final product, we realized that providing the only shaker to the customers will not be enough. To add value to it, we should add some things that go with our brand identity. Things that can motivate the customer more to use our product. For this we added:

  1. A health Journal

  2. Recipes

  3. Quirky postcards

Customer Relations

Customer relations are very important for any business established or a start-up. We as a team were aware that good customer relations are the best method of marketing. Nothing can replace the medium of ‘word of mouth’.

After we sold some of our products in the Eden Walk trade-fair, it came to our knowledge that the nephew of one of our customer broke the salad shaker by accident. We offered to refund or return of the product to the customer. She opted for a replacement and was very happy about it.

Selling 50 units

When we received 7 pre-orders for our product in the first trade fair, we were very happy. We were not hoping for this. We estimated 2 or 3 preorders only. After that, we ordered 50 units of the product to be sold in the second and third trade fair. We sold 25 units in the second trade fair. In total, we sold around 42 units, which we are very happy with