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It was time for the second trade fair. More importantly, it was time to sell our products in the market. All we had done in the last five leads up to this. It took place in Eden Walk Kingston.

I woke up early in the morning, to grab a good spot for my team in the fair. Most of the teams were there before me. Still, we got a great spot, right at the front if someone is walking from the direction of the riverside. We arranged the products and did some visual merchandising to make our booth appealing to the visitors. Our banner from the first trade fair also came in handy, as most people had a look at it while crossing. We took some change from the bank. Fortunately, we had our products delivered to be sold. We got our salad shakers from China, postcards and recipe books from Moo.com.  We were ready for it.

It started quite slowly, but the crowd started increasing towards the afternoon. That day I learned how difficult is sales, and how much patience it involves. Most people were not at all interested in checking out the product. Either they didn’t respond at all or they just said no. In our team, we took turns. Two people stood behind the counter and the other two were going out to the public engaging them in conversation. We got mn=any people engaged, they appreciated the product but they were not converted to sales. Around 12 pm we got our first sale. The customer bought the product for her daughter. We were very happy after that.

Slowly the sales increased there were many people and business coaches who inquired about the product We sold many products to our friends also. As this was a product which can be used by anyone, many people in our class also bought it. Many strangers also bought it. This made us realize that we are addressing a real problem here.

Business coaches also came to check out our product and give valuable advice. The best advice we got was that we should make a disposable version of it to sell it in cafeterias and canteens. There is so much wastage and cost when people have to sell the dressing and the vegetable separately. This was a piece of very smart advice we thought.

First, we ran out of the postcards, we began selling at £12 without it. Around 3 pm we were all sold out.  I still remember Janja our course director asked why are we packing up so early. It took time for her to realize that we are nearly sold out. The ones on the table are the only ones left. It was a great experience. We did better than we estimated. We thought if we sell 15 products we would be happy. But we sold all 25.